Digital Publishing Elevated for Mobile

Digital Publishing Elevated for MobileDigital Publishing Elevated for MobileDigital Publishing Elevated for Mobile

Its a Mad, Mad Mobile World


Ahh Mobile

That singular term that represents the broad range of how people access information. The “it” channel for getting your information to an audience. 

Freedom to access information on our own terms. 

Our unique preference of devices (usually 3), browsers, apps, videos, blogs, websites, social channels and more. 


Marketing Challenge

Yay. Awesome. Unless you are the marketing team creating content for each of the screen sizes, browsers, app stores, blogs and video channels. And, as devices take center stage, what do you do with publications? 

Newsletters, magazines, brochures and training manuals still need attention. Print is an important channel. Perhaps you post as a PDF or a page turning version of one. You’re out of time the and the blog is calling.

Publications stand alone, away from all that other technical coolness.


But What If...Publications Joined the Tech Party?

If you could give them superpowers?

They were easy to read, search and share on all devices - even on a phone?

That file you post or print became interactive with your other cool stuff: websites, audio, video, blogs and more?

They were organized into a branded library, accessible from a browsers or branded apps from Google, Apple and Amazon?

You had analytics to help you gage reader engagement and marketing efforts?  

You Can. We do that.


We Take the Mess out of Mobile.

We are your magical service. Your simplified path to mobilize your publications. We set up your branded collection and manage all the technical updates.  


Your PDF or InDesign file is transformed, customized and added to the collection. Now it’s a fast-loading, easy to read version, launching an interactive mobile experience for your readers.

Want more? You've got it. Customized links, templates and storefronts. Options for subscription models, advertising, open or restricted access. 

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